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Reflections on data governance in law firms from Iron Carrot.

Difference between data management and data governance

A law firm perspective One of the most common misconceptions that I encounter is the confusion between data management and data governance. I’m sure that when you started considering a data governance implementation within your law firm, the people you talked to asked you something like But doesn’t the data management team do data governance? …

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Why is data governance important for law firms?

Law firms need data governance Data governance is important for law firms because data is an economic asset that can help firms improve their operations, increase revenue, solidify relationships with clients, produce new revenue streams, improve the quality of current products, establish competitive differentiation, allow innovation, and reduce risks. Innovative law firms have big goals …

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What is Data Governance?

What is Data Governance? Data Governance is a collection of practices and processes which help to ensure the proper management of data assets within an organisation. Data Governance often includes concepts such as Data Ownership and Data Quality to help a firm gain better control over its data assets. Implementation includes methods, technologies, and behaviours …

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