We support law firms starting out on their data governance journey by helping them work through the five steps in our road mapping process. So this quickly delivers a complete data governance framework and plan (the roadmap) for assuring the governance and quality of the firm’s data.

In short, with our help, you’ll be able to launch the right foundation for data governance. Achieving a fully operational governance capability in record time as a result.

How does the roadmap process work?

Most law firms already have the people, processes, skills and knowledge to implement data governance. Unfortunately these things are often found in pieces across different parts of the business services or operational teams.

The purpose of a the Foundation Roadmap Process is to find and share all of these elements through a series of facilitated discussions with stakeholders.

Step 1: Identify the Vision for Data Governance

Working together, we can figure out a simple statement which explains what you hope data governance can do for you.

Step 2: Determine the Goals for Data Governance

Functional leads will use the vision in a series of guided activities. This will identify tangible, prioritised goals which must be achieved to realise the identified benefits.

Step 3: Perform a gap analysis of stakeholder accountabilities and core documentation

As a result of identifying Operational leads, use these individuals to help paint a picture of the people, processes, skills and knowledge to implement data governance.

After that we can identify any gaps and go on to suggest the best way for you to fill them. In addition, this includes a draft data governance framework and the objectives required to implement it.

Step 4: Establish the Data Governance objectives and timeframe

Operational leads and Functional leads will be guided to set out SMART objectives and to organise these into a timetable which best fits the vision and goals.

Above all, this process combines the inputs from the previous 4 steps with your people’s knowledge about how your firm works and our knowledge of how law firms can adopt data governance in the least invasive or disruptive way.

Step 5: Produce the final data Governance Framework and Roadmap

You can now socialise the Framework and Roadmap for comment as widely as you like. You should bear in mind that the more people who you want to consult, the longer it will take to finalise.

Want to know more?

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