The Law Firm Data Governance podcast is the data governance companion for law firm leaders who want to know more about implementing and improving data governance.

Each week I’ll share a new episode which talks about a topic that will help you with the data governance initiative in your law firm.

I’m CJ Anderson, and I’ve been an information professional for a long time. I have worked in law firms for over 20 years. My roles have always involved helping people to do the right thing with data, even before these activities were called Data Governance.

In this podcast

  • basic data governance concepts and how they can fit law firms, 
  • my experiences of starting data governance initiatives in law firms,
  • evaluating progress, 
  • how to get back on track when it all goes wrong, 
  • and everything in-between.

Latest Episode

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Podcast Seasons

Season 1: Begin at the beginning

Season one: Begin at the Beginning explains data governance concepts from a law firm perspective.

Each episode explains a single data governance concept from the perspective of a law firm. These are bite-sized (typically less than 10 minutes) introductions or refreshers on the most common data governance terms that law firms use.

Season 2: Drivers and Benefits of data governance

During Season two: Drivers and Benefits of data governance, CJ Anderson explores a law firm’s drivers for and the benefits of data governance. So whether you’re making the business case to create your data governance capability or the business case to get some resources to get started with data governance, these episodes should set you up for success.

Season 3: Be the best Data Governance Lead you can be

In this third season, “Be the best data governance lead you can be”, CJ Anderson goes beyond the ‘what’ of Season One and the ‘why’ of Season Two, by introducing some of the ‘how’ and the ‘who’. Over the 10 episodes in this season, She shares what she’s learned about using a bottom up approach to achieve your data governance deliverables and will be talking you through the specific skills and knowledge that can help you be a successful law firm data governance lead.