Data Governance Roadmap Implementation

Iron Carrot has helped you create your Data Governance Foundation Roadmap, but now what do you do?

Roadmaps are the output of a strategic planning process. Given your resources and capacity, you have linked your goals to detailed work and shown the time frame for achieving them. So what happens next?

What happens to stakeholder engagement if you can’t find a Data Governance Lead right away? How do you even find a data governance lead if this is a completely new organisational capability for your firm?

Starting implementation is where a data governance lead can become overwhelmed. Senior stakeholders either underestimate the amount of work or assume that the data governance lead can deliver everything by themselves.

It’s also where previously supportive and collaborative stakeholders can disengage with data governance as the reality of the impact on their role starts to make itself known.

We can help

We can help you identify and upskill the members of your data governance framework, including data governance leads and data governance managers (enterprise data stewards) and start delivering your data governance objectives.

Examples of the support we have given to law firms include:

  • Reviewing role specifications, helping with candidate selection and interview questions
  • Onboarding and support for newly appointed Data Governance Leads and Data Governance Managers
  • Identifying Data Governance Framework Group members and supporting their inductions and early activities
  • Advise and guidance on the creation of a communication plan
  • Working with the DGM to guide the Data Stewards Council to establish and apply a mechanism for recording, prioritising and solving data issues
  • Guidance on the approach for solving high-priority issues.

How does the process work?

Step 1: Needs Analysis

Working together, we can review the tasks, timetables, allocated resources and assigned responsibilities and tasks to identify the gaps in support for implementing your Data Governance Foundation Roadmap. This can also identify risks and early issues which can be monitored and managed through Roadmap Execution.

Step 2: Agreeing on the Scope

There are many different ways that Iron Carrot can support your Roadmap Implementation, so we’ll always give several options for how we can help fill any gaps that you have.

It’s a conversation about what’s realistic for you, to help keep your Roadmap implementation on track.

Step 3: Implementing the Roadmap

We work alongside your team to deliver your Data Governance Foundation Roadmap’s goals and track and report progress.

Iron Carrot Data Governance Roadmap Implementation Process

Why use the Iron Carrot Roadmap Implementation process?

You get direct support for executing your roadmap from the team that helped you create it. They also bring all of the lessons from Iron Carrot’s experiences in Law Firm Data Governance Roadmap Implementation to help upskill your data governance team and set your firm’s data governance initiative up for success.

How is our roadmap implementation process different?

It’s completely bespoke – you get what you need, not some off-the-shelf set of support activities.

We recognise that support needs to change and evolve, so we’ll rarely agree to more than three months of activities on each scope of work.

Our fees are based on the nature of the work you want us to do for you, the amount of time required to perform the task, and the expected outputs you want us to deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our five-step road mapping process quickly helps law firms to deliver a complete data governance framework and plan for assuring the governance and quality of their data, so that strategic goals can be realised.

Don’t just look internally, you may have to hire externally for a Data Goverance lead, and that’s ok. For more information, see our article: Does your Data Governance Lead Have the Correct Skills?

A well publicised DG programme will attract Senior Stakeholders automatically, as they will have vested interest in the firms data.

Iron Carrot can help with the Data Goverance Lead Role Profile, you can book a a call with us to find out more.

This is the operational layer of the data governance framework, made up of subject matter experts responsible for supporting the data owners.

If you are not sure where to start, why read our article on creating a data governance communications plan.

Want to know more?

Read how we helped a large international law firm implement its roadmap in this Roadmap Execution Case Study.

For a confidential discussion about your goals and how we could potentially work together to deliver your Data Governance Roadmap, why not book a call ?